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Your Easier Life to Register in Youth Sports - Intro to Amilia

Hey hey!

Do you get bogged down with registration paperwork or can't get signed up for in an instant or ever wonder if the class you signed up for is full? Enter Amilia.

Amilia Software

We plan to answer all those questions with a new software class management! In the internet age, there must be an intuitive online method to order services and products! ALSO, it is important to have a robust class management system. Amilia offers a TON of opportunities to make everybody's lives easier. Amilia offers online technique class purchases (multipass - purchase by class/unlimited), easy month-to-month payments for cheer/dance sports, and an online way to purchase authentic MSE clothing & accessories. All of these won't be available right away, but we are working to make that happen soon! The great thing is we actually have capability to manage all these things under one system now!

How do most All-Star Gym manage these types of things? You may have heard of a couple of softwares such as iClasspro, Jackrabbit, and SportsengineStudio. While all of them have great class management solutions, not all of them are a great fit for each All-Star Gym. We look forward to having Amilia on-board at MSE to streamline our online registration & purchase process. If you are a new or old member, check out our FAQ below to answer some potential questions you may have.



(Everybody) What is the new system & what will it do?

Amilia is the company who created the online registration software that MSE will use starting soon! We've had a few parents and staff try it out, and everyone really enjoys it! We are excited to be moving to the system soon. The platform will allow our members to easily see ALL of our programs/merchandise and easily purchase them. We hope that this will answer all questions while you are going through the purchase process and allow easy registration!

How do I get started (self registration currently only available for rec cheer as of Nov 30)?

This is super easy. All you have to do is head over to our store (midsouthextreme.com/store), find the program (just rec cheer...for now) that you want to enroll into, then it'll ask you to create an account. (For those in All-star or unlimiters skip down a couple questions). Currently, only recreational cheer is available for self registration! Technique classes will be available soon starting in early 2019! Once you login, create an account member (your athlete) that you want to enroll in that program. BOOM, done. If you need more assistance, no prob, check out the cool "how to" guide here.

6 Month Unlimiters & All-Stars: please don't create an account. We will create yours and send an activation link to you.

(6 Month Unlimiters) Well I just signed up for an unlimited technique deal. How will we finish it out?

We are going to get set up in the system and send you an activation link to your email we have on file. You won't need to worry about signing up for anything. We will put in the system for the remaining months that is in your personal unlimited technique deal. (This is dependent on when you signed up, so you may have only 1 month left or 6 months.) Then after you finish out the discounted unlimited technique deal, maybe sign up for an All-Star cheer or dance team for next season! That opens up in March/April!

(All-Star) Well, what about me? I am currently on an All-Star cheer/dance team, and still have payments to make this season.

You awesome folks will start in Amilia in January 2019. We will set you up and carry over all relevant info to the new system.

Once we get the account setup and your athlete's info in the system, we will send an activation email to the email address we currently have on file. From there, you will create a password and have access to your account. Then check out the features of the new system!

(All-Star) What else do I need to do aside from clicking on an email to create a password for my account?

After you receive the activation link through email in December and create your account, the only thing to do is to confirm that you are signed up for the correct program and your balance is accurate. (Remember you will not be paying anything more than what you do now.) Then just every month make the appropriate payment by the first of every month starting January 1, 2019. **Please note: the way the system works is it accumulates everything in one number for the reminder of the season, please don't panic. We've quadrupled checked everything. If you feel that something isn't right, just politely let us know, and we will quintuple check it. :) We aren't trying to pull a fast one on anybody.

So once everything checks out, we suggest making your payments online first. If you have other payment methods or you just want to make payments in person, no problem, we will get you at the front desk. Please know this is just the payments for regular season stuff. UCA Nationals (Disney in March) is not included here. We are working on how to best process this payment in the new system. We will keep you posted!

(All-Star) How will MSE make sure that everything from the old system carries over?

We will take a snapshot of your family ledger in iClassPro on the date we transfer you to Amilia. This will be at some point in December. We will provide that to you for your records. Starting January 1, 2019, our competitive programs will reflect what was in the packets at the beginning of the 2018-19 season in the new system to close it out. (No price changes, just what we take the payments through - iClassPro versus Amilia.)

All 2018 payments will be made in iClassPro. All 2019 payments will be in Amilia. If for whatever reason your account does not have the December payment yet December time, we absolutely need it caught up in iCassPro by Christmas (Dec 25). iClassPro will no longer be available starting in 2019, and we do not want to take this outstanding payment in Amilia.

(All-Star) Will this change anything on how things are done now?

Absolutely not, everyone can still fundraise, and pay offline (check, card, cash).

We know it stinks figuring all this out mid season, but unfortunately, there is no great time to do this. Thank you all for your willingness to embrace this change to make things better! We hope that this will make things easier for everyone! We are committed to trying to provide the best experience on and off-the-mat and, we definitely believe this will help the "off-the-mat" experience and bring more organization to how we do things at MSE! Any additional questions, please ask me anytime up at the gym or send me an email at michael.mullins@midsouthextreme.com

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