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We believe cheer is one of the best sports you can get involved in. There are so many positive benefits from developing sport specific skills such as tumbling and stunting to learning life skills such as team work, accountability, working hard, and trust. Learn more about getting involved below!​

Join a recreational team in the Fall 2020!

All-Star Recreation Cheer

Stay Actice w/ Rec Cheer!

Our rec cheerleader program, FUNdamentals (5-12yr) is a GREAT introduction. There is practice once a week to work on EVERYTHING your athlete needs to know about all-star cheer! From stretching & tumbling to stunting & jumps, your athlete will learn a ton, grow, and stay ACTIVE throughout this session. 


Why do we love cheerleading so much?

We believe cheerleading:

  • Develops strength, flexibility, coordination, & body awareness

  • Flexes a perfect mix of a variety of skills from dance, gymnastics, to stunt

  • Improves self-confidence, mental toughness, & makes new friends

  • Requires teamwork that helps establish life skills such as leadership, teamwork, & communication skills

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All-Star FUNdamentals
All-Star FUNdamentals

Learn technique through FUNdamentals
Learn technique through FUNdamentals

Coaching Character
Coaching Character

All-Star FUNdamentals
All-Star FUNdamentals


Why FUNdamentals Rec Cheer?

We want you to see your athlete be impacted and develop a passion for the sport that has positively impacted so many! This program is the perfect introduction. It is designed for athletes & parents who want to learn more about All-Star Cheer in a short term, non-competitive environment. This recreational option incorporates all the basics from All-Star with engaging activities design in each class structure to keep everybody involved and learn character development.

Our Rec Cheer program provides a glimpse of what positive impact All-Star can have on an athlete by providing a fun, low-pressure, recreational cheer session!

We offer 2 seasons of All Star Rec Sessions:

  1. FALL Rec Cheer Session: September - December 

  2. SPRING Rec Cheer Session: January - April

Are. you. ready to get started??  Jump into the Fall FUNdamentals session today! 


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