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The sport of All-Star Cheer has grown immensely! The sport is a combination of gymnastics, acrobatic moves, and athletic dance where everyone on the team is on the floor & has a unique & special role to put together an unforgettable routine. Our cheer programs are more than just learning the next skill and best routine! At MSE, we strive to teach character through positive and double minded coaching. Our coaches have been trained by Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) at National and Regional Cheer (USASF & VarsityU) conferences. Learn more about the different All-Star Cheer programs below.



Recreational Cheer

Designed by USASF and made unique to MSE, our recreational cheer programs are built to fit the needs and ambition of every child. Recreational programming is available for ages 5 to 10 that is focused developing a cheerleading skill set including tumbling, jumping, stunting, balance, flexibility, strength, teamwork, and confidence. Classes are structured around athletes’ ages and run once per week. This team is ran in 10-12 week sessions twice a year.

Competitive NOVICE Cheer

This cheer program is for younger athletes (3-7 year olds). It is very low pressure and perfect for the young athletes interested in showing off & gaining confidence on the mat at local competitions. Practices are ran once a week and they will compete 3-5 times a season!

Competitive PREP Cheer

This program is ideal for that athlete older than 5 wanting to grow in their competitive cheer journey. It is the less demanding & less commitment than the ELITE program. It helps PREP our athletes for the ELITE program. Our PREP cheer teams will practice usually 1-2 times a week & compete less than ELITE throughout the year. There is also a Unlimited Technique Multipass included.

Competitive ELITE Cheer

Our ELITE (5-18 year old) cheerleader program is definitely the most rewarding program at MSE by giving opportunities for the athlete to show off their skills at the most prestigious regional & national competitions. Our ELITE program compete at some local and mid-south area competitions throughout the season. Our competitive cheer teams will practice usually 2 to 3 times a week depending on the team. There is also a Unlimited Technique Multipass included.

Competitive Cheer Description
Rec Cheer
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